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Changing contact numbers

We are having to change our business phone numbers, one of which we have had over 10 years. Alas detachment is a constant lesson in life.

We are working out a new number now. Until then, do not contact us by text or call on either 650 or 530 #. We will not receive it.

Please reach out via the following:

  1. DM me on Ig/FB

  2. contact me on my websites (chat box or contact me form)

  3. email us

  4. profile

  5. Google map/business /search profile

We apologize for any missed messages and consequent inconvenience. If you haven't received a response from us in next 72 hours please try again via the above channels.

Phone numbers aside, our website is always the best way to reach us.

You can always chat with us directly there via the chat box that is integrated with our app and email.


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