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Operations & Hours update


I hope you are staying dry, warm and safe throughout this heavy precipitation and release from Mother Nature. With that said, I wanted to reach out with 100% safety in mind.

I pride myself on reliability and accountability, in both my personal and professional life. Let's face it, my entire business model is built upon showing up for you, to keep you accountable on your health and healing journey. However, my job is also to keep you 100% safe and having fun. And it is never fun when someone gets hurt. (I've never had anyone get hurt and I would like to keep it that way!) Safety comes first.

Considering schools will be released early today and the worst of this storm system will be tonight and tomorrow, after much deliberation, I am making the executive decision to cancel the rest of my appointments and events for the day today, AS WELL AS FOR TOMORROW.

If everyone is available Friday, this weekend, or even into Monday, I would be more than glad to reschedule your appointment for you for this weekend. This also means I will be having to rearrange some events. Stay tuned for those updates via email, website/blog, and Eventbrite.

If you had an appointment booked with my for today or tomorrow, you will hear from me personally. Otherwise, please know we are closed through tomorrow night.

If you have any additional, questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly via text or call at 530-562-5052, on the website contact us form, or by replying directly to this email/blog.

Stay safe out there!

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