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Policies, Procedures and Expectations

Whether you are a massage, fitness or coaching client. Most of the expectations, policies and procedures are the same.

These have now been posted in every appointment booking, membership, and package. You will be expected to have reviewed them and are required to agree to them.

It's really standard stuff, but just wanted to post them here for any new folks.

The most important stuff is:

Packages, services, gift cards and memberships are non-refundable, but can be transferred in case of extenuating circumstances.

Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a treatment.

If a client no calls or no-shows, the will be charged for one of their prepaid appointments.

If you must reschedule, and you reschedule for the same week, there will not be a charge.

Cancel within the 3 hour window or reschedule for the next week, will be charged 50%.

Any behavior sexual in nature will NOT be tolerated and be reported to the authorities. No exceptions. You will also be escorted out and your session will be ended immediately, unable to return.

No politics, religion or COVID discussion allowed. This is a place for healing, not division or hate.

No hate speech, bullying, harrassment or negativity is allowed.

There is a one time New Patient Fee of $15 included in your first (initial) appointment. This accounts for the extra intake review and consult time.

Your form must be filled out prior to your appointment. You will receive it in your email, either fillable online or PDF.

Failure to fill out your intake form prior to your appointment will result in an additional $15 fee ($30 total).

This form is required and no exceptions will be made. It includes the liability waiver and another copy/summary of these policies and procedures.

Please visit this link for a detailed descriptions of our expectations, procedures and policies. Again, you must agree to these terms.

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