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and Holistic Coaching

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Results-Driven Goal-Oriented Method

Our methods are not the most recent fad exercises happening on You Tube or in the  gym. They are science backed, experientially proven. We do what gets results for you!


Nutrition that works for you!

We don't just drop the latest fad diet in your lap. We work with you to see where you are personally struggling. We work with you to heal your relationship with food and eating. We give you WHAT WORKS FOR YOU only, not what works for Suzy, Bobby, or Jim. But we also keep it realistic, achieveable, delicious and most of all EASY! So you are always stacking up the wins!


Long Term Change

We haven't just learned this in a book. We have lived and breathed this. We know why you have not been successful with other coaches. And we also know how to get you off the gerbil wheel. True transformation means long term change.


Accountability & Accessibility

With all the latest technology, we use BOTH automations, in person and LIVE online accountability tools. This technology also makes your program accesible anywhere you go. So if a kiddo gets sick, or you have to travel, you keeping trucking towards your goals. We know life happens. But YOU STAY ON TRACK no matter what life brings you!

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"The most supportive
and straight-forward conversation I've had about my health and fitness."

Our online community is called No BS Health & Wellness for a reason. Because here there is no BS, no games, no pressure.

We are here to hear YOUR story and to figure out what YOU need to get to you where you need to be.

But we are different. Our methods work because we are different.

Best case scenario, you find what you've been missing. 

Worst case scenario, we can point you in the right direction and you've still gained some knowledge to help you along the way.

Book your complimentary call with a patient, professional coach today. 

Please note: we often book up weeks in advance. We make our members our priority and they get VIP bookings. However, we know that life happens. Sometimes we have random openings. Therefore, if you cannot find an appointment time that works, reach out to us directly with the form below.



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Sarah, CMT & Coach

"Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable in the health and wellness field."

- Sarah M.

Reno, NV

Robert, Hotel Management

"After utilizing Stephanie 2x now, there is no doubt it is worth it. I have interacted with trainers in the past, but none have had the extensive knowledge  of overall health as Stephanie.

She is highly recommended not only for fitness, but can help with mental and spiritual health as well."

-Robert C.

Reno, NV

Trevor, Military Veteran

Stephanie is an absolute wonder. She's a fantastic listener and has really cultivated an incredibly welcoming environment.

She has the phenoal ability to both address exactly what you came in for, as well as an uncanny knack of being able to root out the  underlying heart of the issue itself."

-Trevor D.

Pacifica, CA

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