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Palm Massage

Health and Wellness Services

I offer a variety of natural health and wellness services integrating physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

All of my services are personalized to your individual needs. Feel free to reach out if you need guidance on the best treatments and programs for you.


Swedish, Sports, Esalen, Therapeutic

Personal Training & Corrective Exercise

Whether you are trying to rehab an injury, lose weight, balance hormones, or just keep up with your kids... we have customized programs for all your needs.

Health Coaching

Goal setting with the habit and behavioral coaching to get you there. Actionable steps and even some energy healing and meditation if you so desire. Your sessions are customized to fit your needs and goals.

Advanced Body Work

Structural Integration, Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Active Myofascial Release... to name a few.

Yes I accept most major medical insurance.

Posture Correction & Natural Pain Relief

A combination of soft tissue techniques with sports therapies to achieve optimal realignment. We can even throw in some nutrition and exercise to achieve optimal results.

Yes I accept most major medical insurance.

Sports Therapies

Stretching, Percussion Gun, Cupping, Gua Sha

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