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Did you know today is my birthday?! That's right. I am the big 3-9! And for my birthday you are the one that gets the present.

Unfortunately, we are also celebrating another life this week. Our beloved 4-legged assistant, our 17 year old Ava dog, will be passing over the rainbow bridge Monday. And let me tell you just a little bit more about her and why this is so important.

I rescued Ava as a hospice care foster at 14 years old. None of us ever thought she would have made it this long and far. She wasn't walking well and was very traumatized from previous experiences. But low and behold she truly became the testimony of a new lease on life. With proper care that consisted of exercise, nutrition, energy healing, acupuncture and massage, she became my little beast that was still strong as an Ox and climbed 2,000 foot mountains with me.

In fact, many of you were blessed to have met our furry, sweet "receptionist."

But, unfortunately, her time as come to move on to her next walk. And although our hearts are broken we know she will always be with us energetically and spiritually.

With that said, we are offering a special celebration of life sale. We are offering this as a reminder to take care of yourselves so you can take care of others, and to give yourself (and others) the gift of self care, the gift that keeps on giving, the gift that adds life to your years.

For the next week we will be offering:

- 39% off of individual services and products

(foam rollers, trigger point devices, custom epsom salt soaks, massage, stretching, etc.)

-an additional 17% off all *already discounted* memberships, packages and programs.

As always, thank you for being part of our lives

. There aren't enough words for how much we appreciate your love and support.


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