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Fall Flash Sale Extended 24 hours

You asked, we delivered. For those of you that missed the deadline, we extended our sale for 24 more hours.

By midnight tomorrow ONLY, get 15-20% OFF all items in store

Until midnight tomorrow, OCTOBER 12, 2023, we are offering:

-15% off single service

-20%* off for new members

-20%^ off packages and memberships

Our new services are INCLUDED IN THIS OFFER!!! That means you can now get a single service or package of:

  • red light therapy

  • infrared sauna

  • peloton use/classes

This also means our 12-week Transformation packages include these services.

Flexibility programs already come with all fitness programs. Likewise, both stretching and massage come with our total transformation programs. Lastly, all our massage and stretching packages & memberships now come with a 7 day online home workout plan for strengthening your core. This allows your body to integrate your treatment faster and consequently prolongs your results. Basically, you're always going to get bonuses with us. You're always going to get more than 1 service. Because that is where you see results.

You don't see results just from doing crunches. You can run on the treadmill all day long and not see any results. With both strengthening and recovery (aka massage or stretching + proper nutrition) you will finally start to make forward progress. That is why we are different. The integrative, holistic approach is why our clients and members see results.

Let’s break it down one more time. Do we have just packages with massage only? Yes, but you will still get a FREE 7-day online home workout plan as a bonus. Do we have just fitness packages without all the extra stuff in the total transformation? Also yes, but you will still get online home stretching programs with video tutorials. Do we have infrared sauna only? Yes to that too. But we also offer the Triple Threat of Sauna, Peloton and Red Light Therapy. Integrating multiple modalities is where the magic happens.

So what are you waiting for? Act fast before this offer ends! Your promo codes for these offers are on our social media accounts and in our email marketing. You must subscribe/follow to receive them. Subscribe to our email list here or follow us on social media at:

FB @integrativebodyworxpacifica

IG @integrative_bodyworx

The codes are in the posts.

Have questions? We are happy to answer them. Please book a FREE consultation call on our website here.

Can't wait!


^Our packages and memberships are already discounted ~10%, so with this additional 10% you get 20% off for massive savings. Yes this is even on our high ticket programs. This means you could save over $600!

*Must book a consultation call to get the 20% off code. This 20% only applies to packages of $2000 or more.

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