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Gratitude Week Sale!

-New Patient Fee waived ($15) + additional 20% off all individual services

-New Patient Fee Waived ($15) + additional 10% off pre-discounted massage or stretching packages

-20% off 12 w

eek transformation programs* + additional free massage**

-20% off of 4 week kickstart transformation programs + 1 bonus week (with your free week trial this equals 6 weeks!)

Sail through the holidays and into the New Year with these massive savings!

Use codes:

SERVICES: for 20% off individual services

THANKS: for 20% of 12-week programs

Member: for 10% off packages and memberships

We have been running these specials for almost a week now. So they will be gone December 1st! Act now!

Follow Us on our IG (@integrative_bodyworx) or FB (@integrativebodyworxpacifica) for immediate access to sales, specials and everything health and fitness in betwen.

*up to $500 off

**$2500 or more gets 2 more massage or stretching sessions

*$2499 or less gets 1 additional massage or stretching session

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