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Stretch & Vibe

Did you know that stretching is about more than just flexibility? Having a regular prolonged stretching routine (more than 10 minutes) is very beneficial for your health. Stretching routines can do all of the following:

  • Improve balance and flexibility

  • Boost Immunity

  • Helps alleviate pain

  • Ease arthritis symptoms

  • Decreased heart rate / blood pressure

Stretching and Percussive Therapy are a great combo to relieve muscle tension and improve balance and flexibility.

-Massage guns produce percussive (vibration) therapy encouraging blood flow to the focused muscle

-Reduces muscle tension / injury and inflammation

-Proven reduction in muscle soreness as well as increased muscle length

-Especially geared towards consistent athletes to be used either before or after a workout

Percussive and stretching memberships include:

-Up to $180 in savings

-Discounts applied to any additional sessions

-Once a month automated billing - no more CC hassle at checkout.

-Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly sessions

Lock in your rates now with our one time new service special


10% off regular memberships pricing until 7/5/22

10% additional discount on top of memberships discount

Visit our website here to check out our BRAND NEW STRETCHING & THERA-GUN memberships and packages. Visit: to purchase your stretching or percussive therapy membership or package today with a limited time introductory offer of 10% off.

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