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Anniversary Gratitude

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

November marks our 2 year anniversary from reopening after pandemic shut down. Despite being a medical massage service and being partnered with a doctor (being an essential service), times were tough and we ended up completely shut down and going in different directions.

After radically embracing the shut down, I took that time to go inward, travel and really zone in on how I wanted to reemerge. As a trainer and corrective exercise specialist with over 20 years experience, I started dabbling in online personal training, remote services and evolving more into a coach, than a trainer. I thought about what made me different and why I had helped so many in the past see results when they couldn’t see results with others before me. I always knew it was about so much more than just working out and eating right but I had never been in a professional setting that supported that and allowed me to really practice all the other components of success when it comes to pain relief, weight loss, hormone balance and trauma. 

During that shut down I also became a double Usui and Holy Fire 3 Reiki master, and began teaching reiki courses. It was during this time that I realized what a blessing in disguise shut down was. I might have still just been online but I had an opportunity to truly offer something unique and effective both. And offer it globally via this online platform with all the new technology. So that’s what I did.

I followed my guides and embraced the direction the universe was taking me and here we are. I opened up an integrative wellness center where one size does not fit all, where you have the power to choose your unique combination of services that fit you, where collaboration is encouraged. My hope was to finally bridge that gap between all the goals and why you had never seen real results with your pain, hormones or weight loss. 

Thanks to California 1099 laws, Integrative Bodyworx, along with so many other practitioners and facilitators, are what make up the wellness center. We are partners in a collaborative space.  But technically Integrative Bodyworx is its own separate business. This means some of you are on both lists. And that’s okay! Integrative Bodyworx focuses on medical massage, fitness, pain relief, hormone balancing and mental health. They are all related and overlap. And if you have been following us, then you already know that. For those of you that are new here, now you know. Through partnership with the Center for Integrative Wellness, we are able to offer reiki, trauma healing, sound healing, spiritual and life coaching, functional medicine, and so much more through all the other partners. 

So much has changed from 2 years ago when we first re-emerged, but it has all been in divine alignment and divine timing.There have been joys, tears, triumphs and tribulations, but we stayed focused on our mission, the transformation and the magic within it all. We stayed focused on our service to this community. We wouldn’t be here without you!

As a token of our gratitude for being part of our community and being the reason we are still here, we are offering FOR 1 WEEK ONLY a sitewide 22% off sale. That’s right this is SITEWIDE. But ONLY FOR 1 week. So now is your chance to get in on changes we are launching for 2024 while you can before they fill up or go to full price.

To take advantage of this anniversary gratitude sale, use codes:

Anniversary for services

Anniversary 1 memberships/packages

Thanks again for being a part of our journey.


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