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Last 24 hours of our Anniversary Month sale!

Yup that is right. We added some cool new services such as red light therapy, infrared sauna and peloton. So we wanted to give you a chance to get in on it for one more day!

You can purchase ala carte sessions of each of these, purchase a package of these, or purchase one of our all inclusive transformation packages that includes sessions for each in it.

Did you know the peloton can be used as a regular bike? But with our package you can also create your own profile and have FULL PELOTON access. Yes that means live bike classes, non bike/regular workout classes, the Peloton app on the go... all of it.

"But what about red light therapy,?" you ask. Have you heard of red light therapy? It has actually been around a lot longer than you think. You may have heard about it for anti-aging, but what about pain or acne? Red light therapy has a significant amount of research behind it, and its contribution to pain management is part of that research. In fact, we have partnered with LightStim and are starting with the device specifically for pain. After all, we are a natural pain relief practice. We will soon be expanded to the acne and anti-aging as well. It will be automatically included in any pricing so you do not have to worry about changing your plan.

The infrared sauna is no different. The infrared technology penetrates your tissues deeper for a deeper detox. It is also dryer than a wet steam room and doesn't heat as quickly as a dry sauna. There are no water or rocks involved either.

Therefore it is simpler, cleaner and less claustrophobic for some as well.

The red light therapy sessions will not begin until 12/10. Until then you can go ahead and repurchase with the 22% off codes below:

Anniversary - services

Anniversary1 - memberships/packages

Visit us here to book services:

Visit here to buy a Total Transformation package, massage membership, peloton and sauna package and more:

Thank you once again for being a part of our journey! It has been an honor to be a part of yours.


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