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Last 24 hours of our sale!

Our technical difficulties are your win!

If you follow our social media you found out about our sale that we started on the leap day. Due to some technical difficulties we extended it through today.

February 29 - March 8 this year has been an incredibly powerful week. Not only are leap years very powerful portals, but so are double or triple number portals, such as 3/3. And in some traditions, 8 is an incredibly powerful number as well. That is why the Year of the Dragon and the year 2024 (2+2+4=8) are being talked about in terms of prosperity, karma and abundance.

Then there is our famous Irish holiday that can also represent good fortune, luck and abundance. Green is not just the color of money or clovers, but it is the color of the heart chakra. The heart chakra represents your self love and self worth, which directly connects back to your good fortune, love and "luck".

No matter what tradition you follow, the energy is good right now. We are in a period of exponentially fast forwarding our goals and dreams. So what better opportunity than to offer you a pre-spring sale.

We don't offer many sales, but when we do we offer them as a means to help you achieve your dream life faster and easier. So act fast before the clock runs out!

Use the following codes to take advantage of this sale and fast track your goals:

leap - for services

leap2 - for packages and memberships

Let us know if you have any difficulties, questions, etc. We are always here to help.

We look forward to working with you... because your wins are our wins!

P.S. If you want to have exclusive access to our sales, be part of our free community, and a part of our free health and fitness group loaded full of content, sign up for an account on our website or join our email list.

We always offer our sales up to our existing members first, then social media, then the public via our blog.

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